Wiki and Willow

This is Wiki and Willow. Wiki is Dutch Blue Pied/American Cinnamon and Lutino. Willow is a Lutino. They have produced Normal Greens, Green Pieds, American Cinnamon's and Lutino's! All Cinnamon babies are female, all green and green pieds are males. Unfortunately  we do not know the genders of the Lutino babies as they can be either male or female. All babies are also split for blue.

They just had 3 babies to hatch for this clutch. Hatch Dates are 12-8-2010, 12-12-2010, and 12-13-2010. Babies will be ready just before Valentines Day. Check back for pics in the available babies page starting at 2 weeks of age.

Chico and Gigi

This is Chico and Gigi. Chico is a Green Pied and Gigi is a normal Cinnamon, They are sitting on their first clutch at the moment  and we expect them to start hatching DEC. 14th!  Expected results are Males Normal Green/American Cinnamon and  Green Pied/American Cinnamon. Females will be Normal Green and Green Pieds.

We will see what Chico and Gigi may be split for when they hatch babies!

UPDATE: Well Chico and Gigi through us for a loop. All 4 eggs have hatched! Hatch dates are 12-16-2010, 12-17-2010, 12-19-2010 and 12-21-2010 and some look like the will be a blue mutation! Apparently Chico and Gigi are both split for blue as well as Chico also being Split for Cinnamon. Will be interesting to see how these feather out!

Lucas and Libby

This is Lucas and Libby. Lucas is a Violet Slate Pied and Libby is a Double Factor Violet Medium Dutch Blue.  We hope they will start producing for us by next Spring.

Expected results are
All babies male and female will be DV Medium Dutch Blue, DV Medium Dutch Blue Pied, DV Slate and DV Slate Pied